Exciting cycling terrain for those who like a challenge or gravel road for those who want it to be a little bit easier.  Try the trail used by Rondane Multisport and test your own shape. We can give you directions upon arrival.

Recommendations for a trip:

-From Brekkeseter follow a gravel path to Putten seter and onwards to Skarseter and back. Ca 14km easy trip.

-From Brekkeseter follow a blue marked trail to Vardamorkje and onwards to Skogsetrene over Varde høl and back via Høvringen and to Brekkeseter. The whole trail on a forest path and trail, ca 12km easy terrain.

-From Brekkeseter follow a gravel road towards Puttenseter ca 2,5 km and take off towards a sign to Formo “kampen”

on a yellow trail, follow green path back to Høvringen, through Haukliseter. Take the gravel road towards Smuksjøseter and follow

red trail back to Brekkeseter. Ca 18km very funny trail for those with terrain experience


This was just a taste of what we can offer.