Experiences & Activities

Brekkeseter is on the edge of Rondane Nationalpark. From here you can get right into the national park on ski or foot. Rondane National park have a great walking terrain for every season. Here you can enjoy an untouched area with valleys and mountains which are intact and lively with animal life. From Brekkeseter you can also experience the fjords of Vestlandet, Jotunheimen, rafting in Sjoa, museums, stave churches and cultural events like Kristin Lavransdatter on Sel, and Peer Gynt on Gålå. All of this is just a small car trip away.






Birdviewing and photographing at Brekkeseter

Thomas Krumenacker, a German journalist and photographer spent two weeks in July 2016 on Brekkeseter to discover the potential in the region for nature photography and bird spotting. Here is his report: "When I searched on the map over Mid-Norway after a good base for...

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Horsebacking at Rondane

Experiencing magnificent and untouched nature from horseback riding is a rare luxury that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. At Brekkeseter we can communicate contact for renting horses.      

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  We love to go skiing in the winter. And that does also our guests, We got a prepping machine which drives through the yard in all the high season and there are nice trip experiences in all direction. Either you want to go high or low, short or long. look at...

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Cykling in Rondane

Exciting cycling terrain for those who like a challenge or gravel road for those who want it to be a little bit easier.  Try the trail used by Rondane Multisport and test your own shape. We can give you directions upon arrival. Recommendations for a trip: -From...

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Take the trip to Brekkeseter

Brekkeseter lies on top of Høvringen 1.000 meters above sea level by the Rondane Nationalpark.
We offer beautiful terrains for hiking in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. The routes are all marked for your safety.
Fishing, mountain biking, rafting in the Sjoa river, climbing and summit-tours are other