Brekkeseter lies on top of the mountain village Høvringen, between the mountains and the lush mountain farm areas. Høvringen was once the country’s greatest mountain farm areas with over 30 operational mountain farms. There were guests in Laurgårdseter already in 1840, it was British lords that was hunting reindeer. Sigrid Undset who wrote the trilogy Kristin Lavransdatter from Sel describes when she visited Høvringen and Brekkeseter with her father Lavrans. The story is happening in the middle ages, Sigrid Undset is building the story on actual farms and it is based on historical figures connected to the farms, but the rest of the characters are fictional. 

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Brekkeseter was owned by the farm Jørundstad that was taken by a big flood (Storofsen) in 1789. The farm was never built again and the pasture was transferred to a small farm named Brekka.

In 1926 Brekkeseter was registered as one farm, at the same time Per Skjelle started hotel business.

Farming was finished in the 60s and Per died shortly after.

His wife Gudrun was running the Hotel until she died in 1989, their son Dagfinn was running the hotel until we bought Brekkeseter in 1995.

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The first guests was Bjørns mother and her two sisters. The first employee was our cat called “Pus”.

We have renovated most of all the cabins and have added 14 old timber cabins from Gudbrandsdalen, Folldalen, Østerdalen and Rennebu. Every house are gently restored and furnished to live in, with living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom in good standard.


We welcome you to Brekkeseter!

Take the trip to Brekkeseter

Brekkeseter lies on top of Høvringen 1.000 meters above sea level by the Rondane Nationalpark.

We offer beautiful terrains for hiking in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. The routes are all marked for your safety.

Fishing, mountain biking, rafting in the Sjoa river, climbing and summit-tours are other popular activities.

We have a hotel with wellness facilities and 20 old cabins, some from the 17th century. Our concept is wonderful natural experiences with good food and a relaxed stay in every season.